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INA provide a concept of "Quality Service and Professional Assurance". Thus, implanted FIVE after-sales service standards, that customers can efficiently use the intelligent logistics system provided by INA.

INA strives in providing our customers with professional, efficiency for after-sales service and support.

  • Immediate response and rectification
    With more than 200 customer service personnel all over the world. 24/7 to provide customers with all enquiries and to ensure that customers can get technical support, anytime and anywhere.

    24/7 availability

    Sturdy operation of equipment's

    Experience technical staff support

    Professional systematically project implementation

    After-sales phone:4001-576109
  • Maintenance
    On top of the stability of our INA products, INA provide ready after sales maintenance team. INA's team of professional maintenance staffs will able to detect and solve problems faced by customers in the shortest time. They will periodically do a checking, analysis of any problems face by our customers and provide professional advice on enhancing on maintenance and performances of INA's products.

    Priority professional maintenance. Quick and efficient handling of equipment defaults with solutions provided.

    Periodically maintenance of INA's products to enhance efficiency.

    Reliable system integration with high quality intelligent logistics infrastructure.

    Routine maintenance and inspection.
  • On site service
    In order for new project to operate efficiently, we have on-site engineer to ensure the quality of our products after handling over to our customers. Our on- site engineer will enhance our products stability, advice on well keep of our products for better performance and usage.

    Safe and reliable logistics equipment's

    Comprehensive and high-quality system integration program.

    Direct communicate to solve any faulty equipment using minimum time.

    Continuously upgrading and integrating of system/equipment.

  • Upgrade
    With the rapid development of technology in this industries, it is difficult to reduce the cost and increase efficiency by using old equipment's. Our professional team will create the most suitable solution base on your needs and requirements. The upgrading proposal includes system software upgrade, intelligent hanging systems upgrade/transformation, logistics integration upgrade and more.

    Fully utilise energy efficiency and reduce costs

    Optimize the stability and reliability of existing systems;

    Adopt scientific layout to improve system performance.

  • Technical support

    Project Consultation Service

    Production process consultant: provide consulting service for flow of work process, advice on operation process to maximize production capacity.

    Total Solution Consultant: provide consulting service for garment enterprise. Offer solution in using current resources to maximize efficiency.

    Professional consultant service: JIT production management course: provides production training for garment enterprises. Assisting garment enterprises to minimize the time consuming reduce faults, waste, zero defects and zero inventory.

    Industrial Engineering Management Course:Train managers of garment enterprises to understand more on IE concept in production operation and apply industrial engineering concept into the production process.


    Professional technical support

    Effective problems solving solutions

    Experienced technical team

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