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INA to help transform Shandong's garment industry

2017-7-18 19:41:17   Author:本站编辑   Source:本站编辑

The19th China (Qingdao) International Sewing Equipment Fair concluded on 1 July2017 at Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Centre. Canada INA System (China Branch Office) showcased its double-layer intelligent hanger system during the event.

Under the theme of “Free trade, green, automation and smart solutions”, this year’s exhibition intends to build a platform for the industrial ecology in China’s north. Tapping into the theme, INA came up with the mantra of “Green and smart,technologically interconnected” and aims to push the development of Shandong’s garment and textile industry.

As the leading hanger system manufacturer in China and with its solidtechnological know-how and constant innovation. INA Hanger System has garnereda great reputation for quality. In Shandong, INA’s customers, such as Ruyi Group, have reaped the benefits from using INA Hanger System, which has improved their production efficiency, product quality and realised data synchronisationand high-level customization. 

During the exhibition, INA booth attracted lots of traffic. Visitors showed great interest in the productand video demonstrations. With our team’s detailed technical explanation onsite, they gained a deeper understanding about INA Hanger System, including the company’s history, product applications, success stories, customer categorisationsand future development. 

With the trend of environment protection, high efficiency, automation and customization, there is growing demand for smart production equipment and total solutions in the market. Backed by its solid technical knowledge and a complete service network, combined with constant improvement and innovation, INA is dedicated to providing solutions for whole-plant planning and customized production to the garment factories, and thus facilitates their industrial upgrade and transformation.  

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