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    ● Based on plant space, production capacity and special demands from customers, INA offers the most practical customized solution.

    ● INA provides comprehensive training courses, including production management, INA garment management, and IE management, to clarify system features and operation work flow.



    ● 7*24 hours no holidays response, provide customers whenever and wherever possible to get technical support and solve problems;
    ● Maintain close communication through Internet, We-Chat and telephone and other means of communication with customers, to facilitate the timely detection of problems and solve the problem;
    ● All over the country more than 200 service personnel to provide precise service to customers.



    ● Consultancy regarding work flow of production process --To provide consulting services for the production process in garment enterprises, to implement suitable installation and improve productivity.

    ● Total Solution Process Design and Consultancy --To provide consulting services for planning the whole plant from beginning operating to finishing production floor with limited resources to get a outmost result.

    ● Production management training --Against the INA’s production management system, conducted theoretical knowledge of training to help management familiar with the system and control the system operation with basic knowledge.
    ● INA Garment Production Management --To help garment enterprises management to familiar the operation process of the system and correct method of operation to improve the production efficiency.
    ● JIT (Just In Time) Lean Production Management  --To provide excellent training in garment enterprises ,help them to achieve target ,eliminate faults and all unused material to reach zero defect resulting in zero inventory targets.
    ● IE Management --To help garment enterprises management to be familiar with IE system and the production operating situation. In order to integrate their effective resources towards a better formulated development strategy.
    ● 6S Management  --With this six aspects : organize ,straighten ,sweeping ,cleaning ,quality and safety to help garment enterprises to enhance the enterprises overall image. Improve operators quality thus also to improve productivity and reduce costs as a result that production target are secured.


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