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        INA Philosophy:

       Quality is our lifeblood and service is our source of revenue.

       In our pursuit of technological innovation, we aim to provide personalised services to our customers and meet the different requirements of our customers.

       Putting customers in the centre of our business and using customer satisfaction as a measurement of our service quality, we have built a complete customer service network.

        INA Characteristics: 

        Thoughtful customer services that cover installation, training and testing;

        Comprehensive software and hardware training;

        Quick-response post-sale support and sufficient spare parts supply;

        Online support for a smooth problem-solving process;

        We are a loyal team with loyal suppliers and loyal customers. 

        INA Commitments: ting;

   1. True quality products go beyond quality. We promise to deliver the most prompt and attentive services to our customers.

   2. We promise to provide the product that meet every requirement of our customers.

   3. We promise that our engineers will provide prompt post-sale support, including installation, testing, maintenance, training and other services.

        4.We believe service creates value. The delivery of products to our customers is the end of sales and the beginning of our service. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate aim. 

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