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        INA since it was founded in 1985, has more than 30 years of development history, from the original is just a repair and buy and sell old sewing machine to small businesses, which is mainly for continuous transformation agents, industrialists, and began to research and development, innovation in China, manufacturing, selling clothes hanging system. After a struggle, in recent years has hit a Yina (INA) intelligent hanging system in the industry "first in China, the world's second".

        Efficiency of the apparel industry, the development of management informationization is the eternal theme, so use, promotion and popularization of intelligent hanging system is necessarily a trend. With the development of information globalization, fierce competition in the industry of the flood, the garment will face more challenges, to greet, seize more opportunities. Yina (INA) challenging spirit and innovation consciousness, unity, pragmatic, in the same boat, strives for perfection, always remember: there is no best, only better! Insist on professional, concentrate, focused, better service apparel industry, the integration of industry resources, improve the production efficiency for the enterprise, enhance industrial competitiveness, reduce labor cost, optimizing production processes, to maximize meet the requirements of modern clothing enterprises, and paperless management informatization, truly "to do a good job, garment choose clothes take".

         Looking forward to the future, Yina (INA) will implement the historic span and the development, improve the quality, to expand the global market, perfect service, enhance brand influence and realize its visibility and reputation, let garment products exceed customer expectations.

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