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Canada INA System (China Branch Office) is a high-tech enterprise that mainly specialises in the manufacture of computerized hanger systems. Headquartered in Singapore, we are a multinational company with a R&D centre in Canada and a Chinese operation centre in Taizhou, China. Capitalising on the trend of the industrial transformation, we have set technology as the foundation for the development of our business from the inception. Using the market as the carrier and innovation as our drive, we are Professional, Focused and Devoted.


Product quality and sustainable development are ingrained in our culture. Since our establishment in 1985, we have maintained rapid growth with the backing of technology, key software and R&D centre for electronics from Canada. To further explore the Chinese market, INA established a hardware production centre in Taizhou, Zhejiang, and set up a 300-strong sales and customer service team that is in charge of the promotion of the hanger system, increase of production efficiency and improvement of management. Through years of efforts, our team has made enormous contribution to the promotion and upgrade of smart hanger systems, as well as the paperless management in the garment industry. INA’s eco-friendly products and whole-plant logistical design have become the leader in the industry and are sold to the worldwide markets.      


Sense of loyalty, Sense of responsibility and Sense of entrepreneurship are the core values of INA team and the basis of our customer-centric principle. With a complete customer service network, we provide tailor-made services to our customers. We offer exclusive and comprehensive technological and production trainings, and help our customers connect their ERP management software to our integrated logistics and operation model that covers raw material stocking, cutting, sewing, finishing and warehouse storage, with the goal of increasing production efficiency, realising industrial upgrades, paperless and digitalized management. 

INA aims to bring more value to garment manufacturers by constantly improving our products, and provide more personalised services to our customers with swifter responses.


Through years of efforts, INA is certified to ISO9001. Quality Management and formed a complete industrial chain that covers product R&D, spare parts and system manufacturing, quality control and post-sales services. With more than 100 self-owned intellectual property rights and several software copyrights, we are the only company in China that is capable of designing, researching and developing system software according to specific requirements of our customers.

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